Recruitment Manual

The University of Arkansas supports equal employment and affirmative action in hiring decisions, and the Chancellor affirms this commitment in seeking to achieve diversity among employees. In order to further the effective practice of equal opportunity and affirmative action in recruiting and hiring initiatives, the university has adopted specific recruitment and hiring procedures.

As a federal contractor, the University of Arkansas is required to engage in affirmative outreach and other efforts to broaden the pool of qualified applicants to include groups previously excluded from consideration. Equal employment opportunity ensures individuals the right to be treated on a non-discriminatory basis. Affirmative action is a set of positive steps the employer uses to promote access and opportunity, and to eliminate discrimination. Unlike equal opportunity, affirmative action is a proactive concept that implies aggressive, vigorous, and systematic activities to achieve equality and equity for all.

This Recruitment Manual highlights how to effectively conduct faculty and staff searches. 

The OEOC staff provides consultation services and resources to the hiring official/search committee about how to conduct effective searches. It is strongly recommended that before departments commence with initiating an active search that the hiring official/search committee receive specific information about the university search process, equal employment opportunity/affirmative action (EEO/AA) guidelines and best practices. To request search training sessions please either register or request a training: OEOC Training.

If you have questions regarding the policies and/or practices outlined in this manual, please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance at (479) 575-4019 (voice), (479) 575-3646 (tdd) or