Step Two: Posting and Advertising

Step Two: Posting/Advertising

Recieve Approval

Receive approval to advertise the Requisition

Confirm Access to CIRCA

CIRCAWORKS.COM is the University of Arkansas' Diverse Recruiting Platform. If the Recruiting Coordinator does not have access, they may request it at

Create the Formal Requisition

Use your drafted Job Requisition, highlighting the Job Restrictions to create the formal Workday requisition.

The Recruitment Plan

Advertising only in the traditional publications will often result in a homogeneous pool of traditional applicants. To create a broad, rich, and diverse applicant pool, hiring official/search committee are required to minimally advertise in three recruitment sources within their respective discipline or field that target diverse populations (Diverse Recruiting Policy: Academic Policy Series 1405.16G & Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 204.1). It should include, but not be limited to, the placement of advertisements in publications and/or on list serves, distribution to Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and others with programs that serve underrepresented groups, use of placement services, and other efforts to increase the pool of qualified applicants.

The Case for Diversity

Diversity can be defined as taking full advantage of the rich backgrounds and abilities of all by recognizing and valuing differences, seeking inclusiveness and considering and honoring differing points of view. In order to enhance educational diversity, the University of Arkansas seeks to include and integrate individuals from varied backgrounds and with varied characteristics such as those defined by race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, socioeconomic background, religion, sexual orientation, disability, and intellectual perspective. Expanding outreach and recruitment efforts will assist the university in making good faith efforts to recruit, employ, and promote qualified minorities, women, individuals with disabilities and veterans. In accordance with the Proactive Recruiting Policy, departments and campus units will be required to use at least three recruitment activities within their respective discipline or field that target diverse populations. The use of low- or no-cost activities such as email listservs, professional contacts and organizations is recommended. For the complete policy, visit: Academic Policy Series 1405.16G or Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 204.1.  As an effort to recruit and retain employees, encourage individuals to watch the video: The University of Arkansas: A Great Place To Call Home for more information about the University of Arkansas and the Northwest Arkansas community. Another great resource that be used is the virtual campus tour.

In an effort to assist departments with recruitment sources, Equal Opportunity, Compliance and Title IX and the Office of Human Resources have purchased or secured campus-wide licenses to the sources listed under Resources. Jobs posted to the university career site will automatically be placed on these sources, no action is required of departments and these sources do not count towards the proactive recruitment requirements.

A Diverse Pool?

A qualified and diverse employee base is important at the University of Arkansas. Treating all persons fairly and equally is critical for fulfilling our mission and in ensuring the university remains compliant with federal and state laws. A “diverse” pool of applicants means that the number of qualified persons that applied for a particular job approximates the number of applicants that are reasonably estimated as available in the area for which recruitment efforts are directed. The estimates are based on a variety, and often compilation, of sources including the U.S. Census, U.S. Department of Education, and others identified as relevant.  If a position is underutilized, personnel in OEOC will work with the department to ensure their recruitment efforts reach the identified underutilized demographic. A position is thought of as “underutilized” if the number of current employees doesn’t reflect the availability estimate. The underutilized number is used to calculate the percentage of women or minorities that should be present in your applicant pool were it to be truly reflective of the availability of qualified applicants/candidates in your recruitment area. There is no one set of actions to take that will diversify an applicant pool. The process is often a combination of efforts focused on increased or broader advertising in appropriate publications or web sites, requesting referrals from community-based organizations, attending job fairs targeted to the community for which a recruitment goal has been established and other like activities. For assistance or ideas in this area please review some of the resources listed below. You can also contact Equal Opportunity, Compliance and Title IX. The OEOC can also provide you with a demographics report which will highlight the diversity of any applicant pool.


The University of Arkansas currently utilizes the Circa Network for diverse postings. Circa (formally LocalJobNetwork  is a SaaS-based workforce development company. Their story began in 1994 as LocalJobNetwork, a connected system of job recruiting sites serving all 50 states. Since then, their solutions have evolved in step with emerging business needs and a fast-changing workforce. Today they bring a spectrum of best-in-class products to solve diversity recruiting and compliance challenges for some of the country’s most innovative companies. Any sources used outside of Circa should listed on the Diverse Recruiting document, generated from Circa. This includes the names of journals, newspapers, professional organization publications, and electronic postings to be used. Advertising in appropriate publications and contacting relevant organizations will not only assist in enlarging the applicant pool, but will also convey the commitment of the unit and institution to recruit women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans. 

External Recruiting Sources

All advertising, including any form of announcement whether by e-mail, letter, the Web, list service, journal, etc., must minimally contain: 

  • Requisition title and unit/department name
  • Requisition number
  • Current URL to Workday with Requisition number
  • UA’s mandatory EO & AA statement:

"The University of Arkansas is an equal opportunity, affirmative action institution. The university welcomes applications without regard to age, race/color, gender (including pregnancy), national origin, disability, religion, marital or parental status, protected veteran status, military service, genetic information, sexual orientation or gender identity. Persons must have proof of legal authority to work in the United States on the first day of employment. All applicant information is subject to public disclosure under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act."

Sample External Postings can be found on the OEOC website.