Step One: Pre-Advertising

Step One: Pre Advertising

Prep Work

Review the Recruitment Manual and Resources on the OEOC Website.

Reach out to the department/divisions Recruiting Coordinator or Employment Coordinator and inform of requisition needs.

Make sure that appropriate approvals are obtained for position

Develop the Requisition

  • The Job Requisition, also known as the Position Announcement becomes the hiring official/search committee’s touchstone for all succeeding acts of recruitment, interview, and selection. Performing a careful analysis of the advertised job is essential to beginning a search. The Job Requisition, which is prepared by the hiring official/department, initiates the recruitment process. The Job Requisition must be clearly defined using no discriminatory language. Advice may be sought from the predecessor in the job, supervisor, peers, subordinates, external partners, and others to ensure the requisition is comprehensive.  The Job Requisition will include the Job Restrictions, which are the primary and secondary duties, as well as qualifications and expierence applicants must possess.  A well-constructed job requisiton will yield the best results when searching for applicants.

The Requisition

  • The Restrictions: Special consideration should be given when developing the Job Restrictions.  The restrictions include the minimum and preferred qualifications. The Job Requisition must not include skills and competencies not required to perform position duties, which may eliminate otherwise qualified applicants, nor written qualifications stated in such a way as to give the perception of pre-selection. 
  • Criteria Evaluation: Criteria that are not specified in the original requisition summary cannot be considered when evaluating applicants. The search committee must clearly understand and endorse the minimum and preferred qualifications expected of applicants as well as standards for evaluation of the applicants.
  • Duties: Essential duties are the basic job duties that an employee must be able to perform, with or without reasonable accommodation. In order to comply with the nondiscrimination in employment requirements of the ADA (Title 1), it is necessary to identify the essential duties of all jobs and to identify the physical demands associated with performing the essential functions. Non-essential duties are important to the position; however, could be redesigned or reassigned to other employees, if necessary. A supervisor should carefully examine each restriction to determine which functions or tasks are essential to performance or non-essential. 

The Posting

  • The Law: In accordance with the university’s equal employment opportunity and affirmative action obligations, all regular vacancies must be listed with Human Resources for announcement to university employees and the public through normal job posting procedures. As a general rule, staff positions must be advertised for a minimum of seven (7) days - maximum of ninety (90) days. As a general rule, professorial rank faculty positions must be advertised for a minimum of thirty (30) days. Instructors and Lecturers must be listed for a minimum of seven (7) days.
  • When composing a Job Requisition, the hiring official/search committee should take into consideration the qualifications and criteria it will use to screen applications. The advertisement must be gender-neutral and demonstrate cultural sensitivity.
  • When deciding on application materials, the hiring official/search committee may choose to limit the material requested of applicants in order to solicit the broadest group of qualified individuals. Making the application package burdensome could exclude qualified applicants from applying. Additional materials can be requested later in the search process, if needed. 
  • The Basics: 
    • Professional Rank Faculty must be advertised for a minimum of thirty (30) days.
    • Instructor and Lecture level Faculty must be advertised for a minimum of seven (7) days.
    • Non-Classified and Classified Staff must be posted for a minimum of seven (7) days.
    • For Internal Staff postings, remember that departments are limited to six (6) postings per fiscal year.