The University of Arkansas strives to have a diverse faculty and staff, so we are committed to supporting equal employment opportunity and affirmative action in all of our hiring decisions.

As a federal contractor, the U of A is required to engage in affirmative outreach and other efforts to broaden our pool of qualified applicants.

Equal employment opportunity simply means that all applicants have the right to be treated in a fair, non-discriminatory way. It is one of our guiding principles. Affirmative action is a set of steps that we, like any employer, use to promote access and opportunity and to eliminate discrimination. Unlike equal opportunity, affirmative action is a proactive, assertive, and systematic set of actions designed to achieve equality and equity for all.

Recruitment Manual

Find our recruitment manual, including recruiting for social media, checklists, forms and more.

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Employment Opportunities

The University of Arkansas recognizes the challenge of balancing work with personal life, and we proactively look for ways to help our employees do well at both aspects of their lives. Visit the HR website to find openings.

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Recruitment Sources

Diversity can be defined as taking full advantage of the rich backgrounds and abilities of all by recognizing and valuing differences, seeking inclusiveness and considering and honoring differing points of view.

Recruitment Sources Overview

Role of OEOC

Equal Opportunity, Compliance & Title IX monitors the university staff and faculty recruitment processes to ensure that all applicants receive equitable consideration, the university’s efforts in hiring members of underrepresented groups are strengthened, and the required documentation of good faith efforts to achieve equal opportunity and placement goals are maintained.

The office’s role is to:

  • Assist and advise search committees, applicant reviewers, hiring officials and others on employment equity practices and principles;
  • Review essential functions and physical demands in order to comply with the nondiscrimination in employment requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Review postings to make sure they are welcoming and contain no discriminatory language or inferences;
  • Review and approve proactive recruitment plans, to ensure that they are broad, expansive, and designed to generate an inclusive applicant pool;
  • Conduct compliance reviews to ensure that all applicants were afforded equitable consideration at each stage of the recruitment process and that appropriate processes and procedures were adhered to, ensuring there are no barriers to equal opportunity.

If you have any questions about the recruitment process or to be added to the OEOC Listserv, feel free to contact the office: (479) 575-4019 or