Step Seven: The Offer

Step Seven: The Offer

  • Receive Approval to extend an offer.
  • Create the offer In Workday.
  • Make an offer for hire.
  • Confirm the offer and/or acceptance in writing through Workday.
  • Offer must be signed by candidate within Workday.
  • Disposition unsuccessful candidates in Workday, and inform candidates, respectfully.
  • Alert recruiting coordinator or employment coordinator that the search has closed.

Record Keeping

Effective July 1st, 2010, the University-wide Administrative Memorandum 470.1, Policy on Background Checks and Use of Criminal Record, Financial, and Substance Abuse-Testing Information in Recordkeeping is the most important part of the search. As a federal contractor, the university is subject to the federal rules and regulations enforced by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). All search documents MUST be retained for a minimum of five years from the date the person selected begins employment.  Documents which must be retained are: 

  • Name of the hiring official 
  • Search Committee Membership Document
  • Minutes of committee meetings 
  • Proactive Recruiting Document
  • References  (If not identified in Workday)
  • Screening criteria (If not identified in Workday)
  • Correspondence to applicants 
  • Interview questions, notes, summary evaluations, and rating sheets (If not identified in Workday)
  • Information regarding reasonable accommodation, if provided 
  • Candidate Assessment Document(s)

The electronic position description, advertisement, applications and resumes of all applicants, and offer letters are stored on the central server; therefore, departments need not keep paper copies of those documents, unless their unit or college requests they do so. Any materials sent by applicants directly to the department or to external sites (e.g. writing samples, portfolios) should be maintained by the department in the search file. Decisions will be implemented. In response to the memorandum, Fayetteville Policy and Procedure 402.1, Background Check and Substance Abuse have been developed.   

Review the University-wide Administrative Memorandum 470.1 (begins on page 9) and the Fayetteville Policy and Procedure 402.1, Background Check and Substance Abuse policies to determine if a position requires any check or test. 

It is strongly encouraged to upload criteria, notes, forms, evaluation materials, search committee member lists, reference checks etc. Into Workday, as attachments. If not uploaded, a copy must be kept for five (5) years, for potential review.