Process Overview

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Successful Search Checklist

Successful Search Checklist



Recruitment Period

  • Develop a set of position-specific interview questions to be consistently used when interviewing all potential candidates.
  • Applicants apply online for position.
  • Screen Resumes/Curricula Vitaes and other applicant materials (Reviewing Applicant Materials & Reviewing Applicant Reports)
  • Evaluate credentials of all minimally qualified applicants based upon established written job-related criteria. 
    (Quick Reference Guides: Ratings, Statuses and Reason Codes Defined:Classified and Non-Classified & Faculty)
  • Select top qualified applicants that require additional screening. 
  • Conduct pre-interview screenings with top candidates (optional).


  • Select the top candidates based on established job-related criteria.
  • Receive approval to conduct the final or on-campus interview. 
  • Invite candidates for final or on-campus interviews; conduct interviews using job-related interview questions, and document candidate responses.
  • Select the top candidate based on established job-related criteria.
  • Verify reference list with top candidate and inform him/her that his/her references will be contacted. Check references and document responses.
  • Conduct background check, if applicable. 


  • Create the hire proposal in PeopleAdmin 7.
    (Staff hiring proposalsFaculty hiring proposals)
  • Receive approval to extend an offer. 
  • Make an offer for hire.
  • Confirm the offer and/or acceptance in writing with a letter.
  • Initiate the closing of the posting by attaching final signed offer letter in PeopleAdmin 7. 

Hiring Documentation Checklist

Most relevant documentation will be maintained through the PeopleAdmin 7 system. All other hiring documentation used throughout the hiring process must be maintained by the hiring department for minimally three years, unless under review. Below is a checklist of materials that may not be attached in PeopleAdmin 7, but should be included in the file. 

Hiring Procedures

  • Credential evaluation criteria, if not utilized within the PeopleAdmin7 system. 
  • Hiring supervisor and search committee interview forms/questions, notes, and evaluation instruments.
  • Reference checks conducted/forms and notes.