Faculty Grievance

The Faculty Grievance Procedure is initiated and continued by the individual faculty member. For additional assistance, appropriate individuals may contact Dr. Anna Zajicek, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (Interim). 

Individual faculty members may exercise their right to have personal employment grievances considered and assessed upon their merits under the general regulations, policies, and practices of the University according to the following grievance procedure.

A “faculty member” who may process a grievance under this procedure is defined as a University employee assigned to the Fayetteville campus who (1) holds the academic rank of instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, or professor, or (2) performs duties, full or part-time, directly related to the instructional and/or research functions of the University. Graduate students who do not hold academic rank shall be covered by a separate procedure, copies of which are available in the Graduate Dean’s office.

There are two types of grievances. The first means a charge of wrongdoing against one of more faculty members or staff on another (the claimant). Such behavior may consist of (but not be limited to) intimidation, harassment, violation of privacy, slander, or other inappropriate behavior in a professional workplace. The second means a dispute, affecting the terms and conditions of the employment of a faculty member, arising from any administrative decision which that faculty member claims is in violation of rights under, or failure to apply, established University personnel regulations, policies, or practices. Not included in this second definition are matters of non-reappointment, dismissal, tenure, or promotion decisions for which other policies and procedures exist. “Grievance” under this policy includes all alleged violations of the Affirmative Action Plan of the University as applied to a faculty member.



Faculty Grievance Procedure 



Dr. Anna Zajicek

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs (Interim)

Provost Office/Faculty Affairs

ADMN 421 B

University of Arkansas

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