Our Staff

Dr. Danielle L. Wood-Williams
Director/EEO Officer
Monitor and approve all administrative, faculty and staff hiring decisions.
(479) 575-4019

Toya Williams, SHRM-CP
Associate Director/Compliance Officer
Investigate unlawful discrimination / harassment complaints filed by employees.  Investigate student discrimination / harassment complaints based upon race, color, national origin, or disability. Facilitate ADA accommodations for employees. Advise on ADA public accommodation (non-classroom) questions concerning students.  Conduct training on these topics. Respond to EEOC and OCR complaints.   
(479) 575-6208

J'onnelle Colbert-Diaz, PHR, SHRM-CP
Assistant Director/Grievance Officer
Serve as primary point of contact for ensuring non-discriminatory employee hiring and promotion practice involving Staff (Classified and Non-Classified) positions and assists with all other positions. Assist Staff in employment concerns that may rise to the level of a grievance. Conduct trainings on these topics. 
(479) 575-3333

Tiff Wimberly
EO Specialist 
Assists  with ensuring non-discriminatory employee hiring and promotion practices. Assists in facilitating staff grievance resolutions and oversight of training and workshop facilitated by OEOC staff.
(479) 575-2665

Benjamin Smith
Serve as administrative support for office staff.
(479) 575-4019