OEOC Training

 The Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance (OEOC) is responsible for providing educational training programs to assist members of the University community in understanding discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and how to address behaviors that violate University policy.

Training and education are fundamental to maintaining an environment free from discriminatory harassment and retaliation. OEOC maintains information that explains in simple, understandable terms the University’s policies and procedures concerning discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and will maintain copies of the brochures in its office and at other offices where persons are likely to seek counseling and advice regarding discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Managers, supervisors, faculty, deans, directors, and department heads are responsible for informing employees who are under their direction or supervision of the University's policies prohibiting discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

For more information contact: oeoc@uark.edu or 575-4019.

You can view a list of all the OEOC training you’ve attended by clicking on My Training and logging in with your uark username and password. To view upcoming training events you can click on the Calendar option. To register for a workshop on the calendar view, click on the name of the workshop and click register.

Please note: OEOC Training Courses are valid SHRM Recertification courses.

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