Arkansas Veterans Preference

Arkansas Veterans Preference (AVP)

 In compliance with Ark. Code Ann. §§ 21-3-302 and 303 of the State Veteran’s Preference Law and OPM Policy No. 30.20, the university gives preference in appointment and employment for certain qualified veterans, their spouses, or the surviving spouse of a deceased qualified veteran.

Specific Provisions

For purposes of this section, "veteran" means:

  1. A person honorably discharged from a tour of active duty, other than active duty for training only with the armed forces of the United States; or
  2. Any person who has served honorably in the National Guard or reserve forces of the United States for a period of at least six (6) years, whether the person has retired or been discharged or not.

The veteran’s status shall be considered on questions of hiring, promotion and retention of employees.

A veteran who voluntarily submits official proof of his or her status as a veteran, disabled veteran, or a surviving spouse of a deceased veteran who remains unmarried at the time the preference is being sought shall be entitled to employment preference in a position over other applicants after meeting substantially equal qualifications. The person requesting the preference must be a citizen and resident of the state. For a list of documents, please click: Proof of Veteran or Spouse of Veteran Status

Hiring supervisors are NOT required to give additional consideration the application of an unqualified candidate or to interview an unqualified candidate, regardless of whether the unqualified candidate is a veteran, the spouse of a veteran, or the unmarried surviving spouse of a deceased veteran.

Evaluating Applicants

  1. If the qualified veteran meets the minimum qualifications for an advertised position, the department is required to give preference to this applicant.
  2. Departments that use a numerical value to screen applicants, must add an additional 5 or 10 points to the qualified veteran.
    • OEOC will add an evaluative criterion to each posting in reference to Arkansas Veterans Preference. Once an interview request is received, OEOC will review each applicant for AVP, add the numerical value of the qualified veteran, and change the status of any applicant who meets the criteria for AVP to pending department action and return to the pool to the applicant reviewer for interview consideration.
  3. If the department did not use a numerical scoring, they must demonstrate how veteran’s preference was applied in developing the selection of qualified candidates to be interviewed and selecting the successful candidate for hire.
    • For positions in which a numerical scoring was not utilized, the department must note in the “history” tab of the applicant’s application how veterans preference was applied in developing a list of qualified candidates to be interviewed and why the veteran did not meet the criteria for being selected for interview, before sending it back to OEOC for review.
  4. Arkansas Veterans Preference consideration, must also be given when selecting the successful candidate for hire. Departments will be required to submit a summary of interviews that includes specific information on how Arkansas Veterans Preference was given to the candidate identified.