ADA Accommodations


Employees with Disabilities

If you are a University of Arkansas employee with a disability, including pregnancy related disabilities, please use the voluntary self-identification instructions to guide you through the process of updating your status as an individual with a disability and/or whether you have a disability that requires accommodation(s).

To request a reasonable accommodation for a disability, including pregnancy related disabilities, to perform the essential functions of the job, to gain access to the workplace, or to enjoy equal access to benefits and privileges of employment (e.g., trainings, office-sponsored events, travel, etc.), an employee should submit a reasonable accommodation request.  Note that, in order to assess any request for a reasonable accommodation, the University may require a written document from a licensed physician or other health care provider certifying the nature and type of physical or mental disability of the employee prior to making any decision regarding the request for reasonable accommodation

    1. The employee must submit the Disability Accommodation Request and the Medical Statement Forms to the Accessability and Accommodation Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance (OEOC).

Applicants with Disabilities

To request a reasonable accommodation to participate in the application/selection process, an applicant has the following options:

    1. The applicant should submit the Disability Accommodation Request Form to the Accessiability and Accommodation Coordinator in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance (OEOC).  Applicants are required to submit a request for each position of which they have applied. OR
    2. Accommodation for application process: Contact the Accessiability and Accommodation Coordinator at email
    3. Accommodation for Interview process: Inform the search committee/hiring official prior to the interview.  The search committee/hiring official shall immediately inform the Accessiability and Accommodation Coordinator of the Reasonable Accommodation Request and request for assistance, if needed.

Request a Disability Accommodation


The Center for Educational Access (CEA) serves as the central campus resource for helping students with disabilities obtain the accommodations they need for equal access to classroom activity. The CEA provides direct support for students with disabilities and training and educational resources to the university community as a whole. The university also consults with the CEA about ways to build the technological infrastructure to maximize the accessibility of the institution's programs, services, and activities.

In partnership with students, faculty, and staff, CEA staff members work with students individually and assist academic units to determine reasonable accommodations that will enable every student to have access to the full range of programs and services.

If you are a student at the university you are welcome to call the CEA and make an appointment to discuss your concerns. The CEA staff will work with you to determine which resources on campus or in the community might be helpful for you. For more information, visit the CEA website